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Getting Paid Gigs

So, you're a musician, you have talent but you just don't know how to get yourself out there. This is an article detailing my story, and my experience about how I began to get gigs at local pubs, clubs and bars regularly, enough to make it my primary source of income and I hope this gives you inspiration to go out and start getting your own!

First and foremost, my name is Frances, I am 21 years old and have been gigging in Sydney for the past two years. I began to pursue music as a career in 2010, when I took up a degree in Music at the Australian Institute of Music. At this stage I knew nothing about the music industry. Around my college, I saw posters advertising gigs that my fellow classmates had put up and began to wonder - how is it that these people are getting gigs? To me it seemed out of my reach. I always thought I'd never be good enough to start doing this professionally.

Nonetheless, I wanted to get myself out there, and when you're an amateur there is not much else you can do other than start playing for free and start building a name for yourself. One night I was sitting in my room learning a song on guitar and thought, I'd really love to do an open mic night to 1. showcase my talent and 2. practice performing in front of a live audience. Performing in front of people is whole different ball game to singing and playing in your room where no one is watching you. So, I opened up Google and searched "open mic nights Sydney". I came across a site that listed a whole bunch of places in Sydney where open mic nights were held. I chose one at random and that is where it all began.

I started doing at least two open mic nights a week, learning new songs to perform, and even writing my own music. I did this out of pure love for music. I never once thought - I hope I start getting gigs out of this. Once that becomes your focus, you lose sight of what you love. So only do it if you love it! After a while, I began to build a little fan base (a very little fan base), but I would see regulars at the open mic nights I attended who wanted to see me back there! I was getting a fair bit of attention. And because these open mic nights were run by the same person, I began to gain his attention.

Not only this, but I also started looking for opportunities on 'starnow', a huge musicians, models, and actors database. I found an unpaid gig from there in Darlinghurst and was forced to buy a P.A. system as a requirement to do the gig. I bought all the necessary equipment to do the gig, and did it. I played there a few times for free before I started to wonder why I wasn't getting paid. I had invested in all this equipment, and was providing music that people were enjoying, what was I getting out of this?

Not too long after, I got a call from the organiser of the open mic nights who asked me if I had a P.A. system and 3 hours worth of music. By now, I had. He gave my number to a booking agent, and ever since I began getting regular gigs around Sydney. From this contact, I gained even more contacts and have venues calling me directly to book me in. I am now in a duo called 'The Yellow Canvas', and we get booked for gigs every week.

So, I hope after reading this, I have inspired you to get out there and start showcasing your talent, because you never know what opportunities may come your way. That's my story and I'd love to hear yours!

Much love,


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