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How To Increase Your DJ Profile Through

Social Media

As an emerging artist I've spent the last few months deep in the world of social media attempting to promote my profile and record label between Twitter, SoundCloud, and Facebook. I'd like to share my experiences and advice to all those up and coming DJ's and artists that are trying to forge an on-line profile for themselves.

As anybody who has ever tried to promote themselves through social media will know, getting those all important likes, follows, plays or comments can be a frustrating task. You look at your favourite artist and they make it look so effortless with an abundance of followers and fans waiting to support them on their every move, but when it comes to your turn you realise that it is not so easy.

So what have we learnt about creating a successful online persona?

Firstly, creating a fan base requires patience. It's going to take some time to build your online empire. Focus on creating quality foundations and be prepared to work hard to make them grow.

The first step is to find your demographic. My advice is to go for quality and not quantity. Join groups that promote your style of music on Soundcloud or look at the followers of an artist or DJ's that plays similar music to yours. This will give you a selection of "fans" to target that may also be interested in hearing your music too. Interact with them, you'll be surprised at how much more willing people are to support you when you treat them on a human level, and how quickly your popularity will increase.

Secondly, be willing to give something back, in-fact make it an active part of your strategy. Taking an interest in the people that you want to support you is vitally important. I regularly support my followers by taking time each day to listen to their music, check out their Facebook pages or see what they are tweeting, and visibly show my support with likes, comments, and re-tweets. Look at your emerging fan base as a community that you are an active part of and you will begin to find that these all important likes and follows start to come naturally.

Thirdly, Don't think numbers, think ratios. Today it's easy to buy as many fans, followers, plays and likes as you wish for. You can get anything that you need and so these numbers by themselves are meaningless. So many times I come across an artist with apparently thousands of fans but only 24 plays on their latest track, or some similar disproportionate figure. Start thinking in ratios, meaning how much interaction do you receive in relation to the number of fans or followers that you have. Look to have a good interaction ratio and you will know that you are engaging your fans and building a healthy base.

The great thing about social media is that as you gain more exposure it does become easier to build momentum. You will find that providing you have created genuine foundations you will begin to spread. Don't be disheartened if your statistics don't track into the thousands, I regularly come across the profiles of very successful DJ's that don't have huge numbers when it comes to social media followings, and that brings me to my final point.

Get out into the real world, that's where it really happens.

Social media platforms are an excellent medium to promote yourself but don't forget the old fashioned way. Rocking a dance floor on Saturday night is a sure fire way of getting people googling for you Sunday evening and now you will be ready for them with your new fantastic online profile.

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