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"Good day. Thank you very much for helping with the marketing of our event, World Sound Concert. We found the service very helpful in strengthening our publicity campaign. We are very happy. Keep it up."

- David Lephoto

"Muso’s… this looks cool. It showed up on my sponsored feed… we all know we are in need of avenues to promote gigs at the moment - show them some support… (I don’t know who they are by the way - but I like the concept) let’s give them a chance."

- Kim Coppen-Watkins

"I am inspired and very appreciative of your help."

- Tshele Tsoerenyane

"I'm a fan of your work."

- Sthembele Njobo

"The Gig Invite is a highly recommended excellent service for marketing music events. They were very helpful in promoting #WorldSoundConcert."

- David Lephoto